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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Puerto Princessa, Palawan


Long day. Got up and left at 6 am for 2 hr shuttle ride to Kalibo to catch a plane to Puerto Princessa via Manila. Had to wait at Manila airport for 5 hrs for connecting flight and then 1 hot hour on tarmac waiting for weather change (humidity) in Puerto Princessa. Fought the Dallas Inn (hostel) easily and luckily I am only one in 8 bed dorm, so got cheap price ($7) and have private room. Happens more than people think. Will catch a shuttle to El Nido at 6:30 am for what is supposed to be 5-7 hr shuttle instead of the bus which is 9 hrs. Paid more but want to get there early and find a good place to stay for the 10 days I will be there. Really excited about this part of the journey. Will bus back though and save the extra $5 I am spending on the shuttle. The last 2 weeks will fly by as always but ready to see the family, especially Kade and Madison.

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