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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

El Nido, Palawan


Finally made it after a rough 7 hr. shuttle van ride from Puerto Princessa. Interesting group in van included several Chinese, couple from Japan, Italian guy and his girlfriend from Spain and of course myself, the odd American that few travelers ever see. While there are people from the States traveling the numbers are small compared to our population. For some reason people guess that I am from NZ or Australia. I guess the US is not even an option. lol

Spent an hour hiking the beach looking for that perfect, inexpensive room on the beach. Finally found a nice place which has a private room/shared bath downstairs for 500 pesos ($11.75) a night. My room is upstair next to restaurant and bar which have incredible view of bay. The real reason to be here is island hopping and viewing the sunset which I plan on doing in 2 hrs. San Miguel Light may be invited also. lol

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