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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Last full day in Philippines


Caught the 10 am flight from Puerto Princessa to Manila except it left at 11am. Thought about whether to stay overnight at airport for 6 am flight or get cheap hostel near airport. At first decided to stay at airport and then was told I could not get my boarding pass and go to restaurant area until 3 am so got a taxi and headed to cheap hostel. Pretty close and only paid $2 for a taxi to get there. Dorm was full so paid $9 for private room but will not sleep more than couple of hours because going by taxi at 2 am to get ready and make sure everything is smooth at airport. Going to see the family and excited. But also know that when the grandchildren quit paying attention to me it will be time to head out for another adventure. Really no reason to stay home if not spending quality time with Kade and Madison. Too expensive just to stay in Natchez and do nothing. Maybe will get travel business started but will definitely be on limited scale as I have big plans this fall and winter.

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