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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Eating on Boracay Beach.


The beach is lined with All You Can Eat Buffets for $10 to $15 including amazing fresh seafood. I pass them everyday on my way to the cheaper eateries that I frequent which include Andok's which has amazing BBQ pork skewers (2) with rice for $1.33. Places like this allow me to travel and spend 2 months in Paradise, the Philippine version.

Some of the things that I am amazed by is how impossible it is to find a knife. There is usually a large spoon, which they use for a knife and spoon, and a fork for pushing the rice into the spoon and spearing vegetables. A large amount of rice comes with everything, including BACON AND EGGS for breakfast which I find a little strange. But I am in the majority, with most tourists coming from South Korea and China (80%), Aussies (10%), Germans (5%) and then a wide variety with only a few Americans.

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