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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Headed to Masbate


Realized that the only last boat this week from Mandaon, Masbate to Panay Island is Sunday so have to take the jeepney to Pilar and fast boat to Masbate town today or wait a week. Arrived in Masbate Town and caught a minivan to Mandaon. Straight to the Coast Guard office at the dock and checked on boats. No boats going to Roxas City where I had planned but will go instead to Estancia and bus a little further to Caticlan to catch the boat to Boracay.

Then started looking for a room for the night. A guy in the shuttle had mentioned a hotel but that it was $25 a night. After looking all over town I saw a sign at a grocery store that said lodging. I was only $3.50 a night but is in my bottom 5 on all time lodging places. I was the only one in what should have been a condemned house. There were no locks on my door and lucky to have a door as many didn't. Don't even want to talk about the bathroom. But had a fan, clean sheets and was really tired so made the best of it.

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