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Monday, February 6, 2012

El Nido


Have researched all the restaurants and happy hours and have pretty good idea where I will be eating each meal and where I will be at sunset. Funny today when I realize it was cheaper to buy (2) 8 ounce mango shakes than (1) 16 ounce shake. Saved 15 pesos by order the 2 smaller. Also, funny watching several dozen eggs tied down on the hood of a packed jeepney going down the road. Tomorrow I go on a boat tour to several islands for snorkeling. The day boat trips are why you come here. 9am till 4 pm and includes snorkle gear and BBQ lunch for about $20. El Nido is not spectacular as far as beaches but the surrounding islands are not supposed to be rivaled by anyone. We will see. Posting a few random shots of the town and karst (limestone) cliffs surrounding El Nido.

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